What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. He first named it “Controlology” since it was a series of controlled movements designed as a workout. 

Equipment Pilates is "intelligent exercise" designed to have the lowest impact on your body while giving you the maximum potential to strengthen and lengthen your muscles at the same time. The equipment in Pilates was first designed around a hospital bed to mobilize people who were deemed immobile. Imagine working out from bed! This is essentially the opposite concept of crossfit where it is competitive and painful gain. Although if you are a high performance athlete you can definitely benefit from training and educating yourself about EVERY muscle in your body! It’s the concept of a perfected foundation! And working from the deep inside muscle and fascia.

Through isolation, breathing, and movement techniques Pilates educates you about your own body and is specifically modified for your needs and goals.

"I personally never liked yoga or mat training because it was too much of a strain on my painful joints and I always ended up cheating and feeling like a failure. Because Pilates equipment is designed with spring tension it is not a strain of your own body weight and you can gradually build instead of forcing too much tension and strain in the beginning." - Nadia LeDrew   

What makes it worth it 1 on 1?  I am not just there to motivate you to stay on track. I am there to see every little correction you need and make sure you are training precisely in the proper way. Pilates method is a lot to learn and think about. I can guarantee in classes you are doing maybe only 30% right at a time. That only leads to you training your body in the wrong way. If you have me there to watch, correct, and remind you, it sets you up on the path to retraining your habits and your NEURAL PATHWAYS. Therefore you are able to eventually do it naturally in your everyday life!

We are all different. We have different body types, different goals, different needs, and facing different problems. In a class you are placed with the majority. This means your modifications and needs are often missed and you are not maximizing your full potential. One on one sessions makes sure the hour you are paying for is used to it’s full potential and therefore you can progress and see results much more quickly!   

What Pilates sessions with me can give you: 

More strength 

Better posture 

Better flexibility 

More energy 

Injury prevention 

Body education 

Self awareness 

Mind-body connection 

Muscle toning 

Injury rehabilitation 

Less pain! 

Improved pelvic floor: - bladder, impotence, female and male orgasm, digestion, vaginal birth preparation and recovery  

Pilates sets your body up to live your life at it’s most pain free potential!