My name is Nadia LeDrew and I am originally from Calgary, Alberta.
My background starts in dance from a very young age. In high school I started to develop rheumatic health issues that caused me chronic pain, exhaustion, and distress. Because it was not easy to diagnose me I was instead pegged as weak, lazy, and emotional. After high school I realized that there was no way I was supposed to live my life like this and I set out on a passionate journey around the globe to find a way to rehabilitate myself alongside helping others.

I stumbled upon a school in the middle of the Negev desert where a famous dance couple had created a space for dance therapy. While studying there I became a part of the dance community in Tel Aviv and this is where I discovered mat Pilates and Rio Abierto. Falling in love with the dance therapy method: Rio Abierto, I then moved to Buenos Aires to take their intensive program under their founder and director. After this, life (and love) led me to Istanbul where I taught and developed my own system of movement therapy at the dance collective Cati Dans. In Istanbul I also got back into practicing mat Pilates.

Approaching two years in Istanbul and finishing a performance with the “Date” project, my mother became sick and I flew back to Calgary to care for her. 2016 was a very challenging year where I helped my mother recuperate as well as tried to keep up with my own journey of recovery. This is where I discovered EQUIPMENT PILATES under the STOTT PILATES®  brand. I immediately became addicted. And I immediately realized I had to share this with others! So I trained in Vancouver to become an instructor. I officially moved to Vancouver April 1st to settle down finally and I have now opened my own practice which I am over the moon about!

I had never been able to build muscle before and now I actually feel I can drop the “weak” stigma I have carried around for so long. Because my posture has significantly improved, my body can stack and hold itself as it is meant to and therefore it has more energy to give to doing other things in my life. The self awareness and body education that Pilates provides is priceless! Especially someone who suffers from nerve conditions, connecting my body and mind changes the way I live my life and gives me less pain each day!

The STOTT PILATES® method is the most world known and most respected around the world because it is simply designed to be the utmost “intelligent exercise”. The equipment is designed with just as high of intelligence standard. On top of all that, it’s started by a female Canadian entrepreneur! I promise you’ll get addicted and if you commit to a fitness plan that we design together for you, it will change your life!