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I Believe in Preventative Health

"Your health, as well as mine, is a journey not a sprint."

Pilates sets you up for the life you are living but at your full potential!

Self care
Health preservation
Mind-body connection

More happiness!

From beginners to high performance athletes, we all have different goals. Pilates is scientifically engineered to work with a full range of body types and fitness levels. 


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Maria Saley

I recently attended a very helpful Pilates class with Nadia. She takes the time to explain the rationale behind different positions and is really good at using analogies to help you figure them out! She is also very attentive to individual issues and helps you to honour whatever body type you have.

Victoria G.

Nadia is an excellent teacher! I love the genuine approach and embracing of all types of bodies and people. I have learned so much already from her.. and pilates, which she introduced me to.. Everything about studio maya is supportive and empowering!

Martine Parent

Great new Pilates studio in the West End! I had a couple of home sessions with Nadia for 8 of my friends (4 per session) and she was fantastic. She gave lots of one on one advice, and was very knowledgeable. She is excellent with rehab work and gives you specific exercises to work injured or troublesome areas of your body. Home sessions with soothing music are nice and private. I highly recommend her, give her a try!

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